Maap Studio is a perfect fusion of art, design, and exceptional craftsmanship.

 At Maap Studio, we specialize in creating collections that seamlessly blend art, design, architecture, and traditional craftsmanship. Our unique compositions of color and texture elevate our creations to the realm of true artistic expression, offering our clients an unparalleled level of sophistication. Our mission is to go beyond conventional space planning and redefine functionality by harnessing materials and nurturing dynamic ideas. Our co-founders, Andrzej Skrzypkowski and Monika Skrzypkowska, have created breathtaking installations and sculptures across the globe.

Monika Skrzypkowska

  • 2002: Group Exhibition at the Centrum of Contemporary Art, Laznia, Gdansk
  • 2004: Group Exhibition at Holland House, Gdansk
  • 2005: Master of Arts from the Academy of Fine Arts Gdansk, specializing in Sculpture with a focus on Ceramics
  • 2006 Individual Exibition UJ Gdansk
  • 2010: Co-founder of Maap Studio in the UK
  • 2022 Co-Founded Maap Studio Art & Design Ltd
  • 2022: Created a large-scale public sculpture installation for a luxury boat company , USA
  • 2022: Sculptural installation at a hotel reception in Abu Dhabi, UAE, 
  • 2023: Two public sculpture installations, including Timelapse,USA
  • 2023: Large-scale public sculpture installation in Guanacaste, Costa Rica