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Artworks and Jewellery Care

Porcelain Wall Art
One of the most common causes of damage to porcelain is rough or careless handling. Handle pieces as little as possible, thinking ahead and using common sense.
Support the object evenly using both hands - you may need to think about its weight and size. Avoid lifting an object by any parts that stick out.
Before you start any cleaning examine porcelain piece in good light to establish if there are any potential
Avoid using household bleaches or proprietary cleaning products because they can cause irreversible damage. Clean the porcelain with warm water and soap. Don’t use anything other than a wash cloth, as other materials such as a scotch-brite or scrub brush could scratch the finish and discolour porcelain.
To brighten up your silver pieces we recommend using a silver dip solution. Always ensure you clean your item after silver dipping, with warm soapy water and a soft toothbrush. For gold plated items, you can use warm soapy water and a soft toothbrush to remove any dirt however it will not bring back any shine of the original plating. We would recommend a re-plating of your item if you want to give it its sparkle back. Details can be found on our repairs and reconditioning page.
 Every jewellery need to be looked after. With proper care your jewellery will last for generations. Please follow our recommendations how to look after your jewellery.
Storing your jewellery
Keep your jewellery in a zip lock bag to reduce exposure to the air and environment as this can cause your jewellery to tarnish over time.
 Keep all your jewellery separate far away from damp and hot conditions and any chemicals.
Wearing your jewellery
Cosmetics , scents , skin and hair product will cause your jewellery to tarnish .
Please avoid wearing your jewellery during any physical exercise . Don't ever wear your jewellery during swimming .
How to look after your jewellery
Most silver pieces can be cleaned in a silver dip solution which could be purchased in any specialist store. Rinse your silver with warm soapy water after dipping .
For gold plated product use soapy water and if shine has been gone re-plate your jewellery.