Maapstudio porcelain flowers

Nicole Hollis' of-the-moment hotel based in a breathtaking 1906 Atlanta Landmark is definitely a must on the list of most well-designed hotels, with it's perfect mix of old and new. Created when the owners of Atlanta's historic Candler building asked the San-Francisco based interior designer to lead its metamorphosis into a luxe boutique hotel, this building contains everything a heart with a desire for architecture needs.

The hotel contains 265 light-filled rooms in total, many including beautiful floor-to-ceiling windows, pink marble vanities in the standard guest rooms, floral additions and many more details that make this place a special and comfortable yet upscale hotel.

With large, simple yet detailed areas, beautiful coloristic rooms, ceramic wall art and the perfect balance between historic and modern, this place will definitely give you a comfortable, luxury experience.

So, it came to our delight and joy when we found out that our ceramic wall art has now found itself a place in this historical hotel. Our Magnolia Flowers, Camellia Flowers and the exclusive to this hotel Corinthian Flowers all in the color off-white can all now be found in the lobby (as shown above) and have even been named the strangest source in the entire hotel! It comes to great pride that we have had the opportunity to add our touch to the hotel, and a pleasure to work with the design team.

How we made this flower ceramic wall art a reality:

We were asked to create flowers which are local to Georgia Atlanta in the United States, so we chose some of the most beautiful and well known in the area, and carefully handcrafting it out of porcelain, we shaped each and every flower with love.

First, we shape it out of the porcelain clay, making each petal individually. Once we are happy with the design, sometimes after several tries, in order to get it just right.

After this, we can then polish the already shaped flower in order to define and make a cleaner shape. Then, we just put it in the kiln to fire and loving delivered it to the hotel.

The flowers we took our inspiration from:

The Magnolia Flower- This flower is a large genus of about 210 flowering plant species in the subfamily Magnolioideae. It is known for it's beautiful white colour and thin, cone shaped stamen and round shape, with large petals and usually three petals around the stamen. This makes this flower an amazing flower to observe and create in the form of ceramic wall art.

The Camellia Flower- Usually coming in the colours red, pink and white, this flower looks a bit like a rose, and has around 100–300 described species although many still argue about the exact number. It has delicate and very circular-like petals, although some species such as the Japanese Camellia has almost triangular petals making this a very interesting addition to our array of flowers in this piece.

The Corinthian Flower- Full name Corinthian Flowering Peach, this flower is usually found in the colour pink. It has dark pink stalk-like stamen and petals of various shapes. This beautiful flower added the last drop of magic to this piece.