Experience the perfect blend of old and new at Nicole Hollis' stunning boutique hotel in a breathtaking Atlanta Landmark. This must-visit destination combines historic charm with modern luxury, making it one of the best-designed hotels around. The hotel features 265 light-filled rooms, showcasing floor-to-ceiling windows, elegant pink marble vanities, and exquisite floral accents. With its spacious yet detailed areas, vibrant color palette, and the ideal balance between tradition and innovation, this hotel promises a truly indulgent and upscale experience.

We are thrilled to announce that our ceramic wall art has found its home in this iconic hotel. Our Magnolia Flowers, Camellia Flowers, and exclusive Corinthian Flowers in a pristine off-white shade can now be found in the lobby, adding a touch of uniqueness to the space. We are proud to have contributed to the hotel's design and thoroughly enjoyed working with their talented team.

Here's how we brought our flower ceramic wall art to life:

We were commissioned to create locally-inspired pieces featuring the stunning flora of Georgia Atlanta. Using delicate porcelain, we meticulously handcrafted each flower with love and attention to detail.

First, we shaped the porcelain clay to form individual petals, carefully refining the design until it was just right.

Next, we polished the shaped flowers to enhance their definition and create a seamless finish.

Finally, we fired the pieces in a kiln and lovingly delivered them to the hotel, ready to be admired by all.

Inspired by the beauty of nature, we selected three captivating flowers for our collection:

1. The Magnolia Flower: This large and enchanting flower is known for its striking white color, cone-shaped stamen, and rounded form. With its large petals and three surrounding the stamen, the Magnolia Flower is a truly remarkable subject for our ceramic wall art.

2. The Camellia Flower: Resembling a delicate rose, the Camellia Flower comes in shades of red, pink, and white. With over 100 described species, this flower offers a fascinating variety of circular-like and even triangular petals, adding intrigue to our collection.

3. The Corinthian Flower: Also known as Corinthian Flowering Peach, this gorgeous pink blossom features stalk-like stamen and petals of diverse shapes. The Corinthian Flower is the perfect finishing touch, infusing our piece with an extra dose of enchantment.

Discover the captivating beauty and artistry of our ceramic flower wall art at this magnificent hotel, where history and contemporary design perfectly intertwine.

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